war robots

war robots

If gigantic war machines trudge over the battlefield and get rid of each other with missile and machine gun bursts, one does not want to stand in the way. In Walking War Robots you are right in the middle. As in the classics of the MechWarrior series, they set themselves on the wheel of a battle robot and can then fight for the supremacy on the battlefield in 6-man teams.

Visually, the battles make a lot of things. The fighters are impressively designed and can be equipped with thick wags. When a group of Mechs collide and take each other into the fire, this is really worth seeing. Just as you would expect. At all events, the landscape, which is somewhat unloved, scratches the dense atmosphere. Contrary to the circumstance that one is just in the beginning better from all battles, this does not interfere with the weight. One of the biggest problems in war robots cheats is the matchmaking: beginners and old hares are sent into the same battles, which demands newbies a thick coat. All too often you are sent to the audience bank after a few seconds, without causing much damage.

Anyone who stays on the ball for a while will be rewarded. For every small contribution – be it damage to the enemy or a captured flag there is experience. If the player reaches a level, new mechs and items of equipment are released, which can then be purchased in the shop. Despite the free-to-play approach, only coins earned in the game flow. Once purchased weapons can be further upgraded. The initially harmless tin box becomes a serious counterparty.

Only then does Walking War Robots develop the full potential. Once more than one or two hits are taken, the thickest weapon no longer decides who is the victor of a battle. Instead, it is necessary to move cleverly across the battlefield and take advantage of coverings as best it can. If a Mech breaks then, is also not a broken leg. Anyone who owns more than one robot can climb into the other cockpit during the battle and continue to support his team.

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