Toy Blast For Android

Toy Blast For Android

Toy Blast for Android is a colorful game 3 game with playful graphics and energetic action. This features child-friendly mechanics and some lively power-ups that make the game more energetic and inviting.

Toy Blast displays in portrait mode to deliver a proven and match-3 game environment, with differently shaped grids, filled with differently colored square blocks. Each block has a unique shape etched on its face, including, half-moon, circles, squares, hexes, and stars. Typical to match 3 game you are trying to find groups of 3 or more, but rather than glide and swiping to make matches, you are literally finding existing matches on the screen, then tap them to burst all the connecting blocks And disappear. There are no slips, only existing clusters of 3 or more. There are loads of cool power ups to collect and try and the game is modestly engaging.

The controls simply use basic water taps to deliver the goods, and everything was copacetic. The graphics are inviting and lively, with a view of basic colors and a cool card of all levels. The animation has some nice bursts and visual pops, all made well, but felt a bit slow from design. The sounds are filled with joyful, enthralling music that will appeal to the ear, but all too monotonous.

Strategically you have to proceed also in the game Toy Blast Cheats: Blocks of the same color must be connected, in order to collect and collect toys afterwards. However, the number of moves per level is limited from the start, so each step should be carefully planned.

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