The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

If you are Zelda veterans with experience in Windwaker and Twilight Princess, you already know the sprawlingly large dimensions of the magical Kingdom of Hyrule. Size is thus not a criterion with which Breath of the Wild could open a new chapter. Nevertheless, the world in which the Jungle Link is playing this time is so much bigger, so much more lively and so incredibly much more complex than what one knows about this series. Interesting for fans: The announcement trailer for ” Zelda Wii U ” (the original work title of Breath of the Wild). What has changed since then, what has improved?

No, it’s not just about sheer space, the square meters of the upper world, or the number of dungeons to be explored . It is also not about how many people you talk about or how many weapons you can use, even if the latter seems quite impressive. It is the complexity of all these factors in linking each other. Zelda experiences a completely new interpretation in Breath of the Wild. Re-interpreting does not just mean telling differently: it involves an intensification of the experience, a deepening and intermingling that can hardly convey a game apart from the Elder Scrolls series. Which makes Skyrim have to face the rear. The Elder Scrolls never felt so magical and fabulous as this game. Link enters a journey.

Traditionally, the main task is the liberation of Princess Zelda from the claws of the evil Ganon, who this time occupies Hyrule Castle and collects forces for a hundred years. The story is narrated in a prodigious way, for it precedes a failure of all protagonists, which results in a recovery sleep of the hero. Unfortunately the brave Recke lost his memory and all his skills. On the forthcoming journey, he is to learn all this and more again, to be able to offer Ganon his forehead.

There is a lot to learn. You can stand for hours on the camp fire, just tossing ingredients into a pot and try cooking recipes. Whether a healing feast, an effective medicine or an unrecognizable mud comes out depends on the composition. Or how about exploring an immense number of shrines? These are mini-dungeons with puzzles whose difficulty level ranges between “I’m in my sleep” and “I smoke the skull”.

Sometimes this is a very tricky affair, because Link has to deal with four special skills, so-called modules. With the first skill, he throws bombs that can grow indefinitely but can only be used at intervals. The magnetism module can be used to move heavy metal objects. The cryo module, on the other hand, allows ice blocks to grow out of the water, which can be safely entered. Sometimes they also serve as a blockade. The last module allows an item to solidify in time so that it can not move for a few seconds, even if it is affected externally. If he is struck by the stiffness, he moves the faster after setting the time effect. In this way, for example, heavy rock fragments can be cleared out of the way.

Never and nowhere do fried pigeons fly into your mouth. You must keep an eye on it, literally turn every stone, perform small side tasks for villagers, and, last but not least, strategically “peddle” with your resources to overcome obstacles and win new friends to help you on the journey. This includes riding animals. Primarily wild horses, the link with patience, encouragement and a few carrots tamed. But he can also use exotic things, such as a bear, as an expedient.

Without a horse, some distances could only be overcome with painfully long marches. This was not the same before, but experienced Zelda-Recken now have to adopt new rules. None of the horses emerge from nothing, just because Link calls for him. If it can not hear its whistling because it is too far away or can not overcome an obstacle, you have bad luck – then squeal the leather boots. This happens because of the partly very steep topography more often than one assumes at first, because Link can climb steeply – if it must be, even along steep rock formations – but its beloved Gaul can not guarantee this.

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