NBA 2K17 Review

NBA 2K17

With the analysis of NBA 2K17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, we find that the Dynasty of Visual Concepts has no end. For the umpteenth consecutive season, the franchise has won the ring, thanks to a passion for sport that is a living history of video games.

The sport genre has always been one of the most attractive in the world of video games, but its association with an annual calendar makes that, within each saga, there is not always an appreciable leap between a delivery and its predecessor. It is not the case of the NBA 2K17, which, like the San Antonio Spurs, has been competing at the highest level for more than fifteen years, showing a sick passion for basketball and marking the way for its rivals, some of whom have even left in Clinical status. Others have simply made a fool of them, and still do.

NBA 2K17 is already the fourth installment for PS4 and Xbox One . When he made the jump in 2013, he did so with a very large base, betting on a new graphics engine and a cinematic approach to his Carrera mode. Visual Concepts could have fallen asleep on their laurels, and more to the lack of competition of that soul in penalty called NBA 2K17, but, far from doing so, has been introducing changes every season to become a Hall of Fame member without even retiring . We have said many times that this is the best sports saga that exists, and we reiterate once again, as Stephen Curry with his impossible triples. Welcome to the club, this 2016-2017 basketball course.

The saga has a very settled gameplay, but every year goes up another rung with small changes and new animations that contribute to everything being more natural. It is easy to internalize the main mechanics, but to dominate them, you have to smear your talcum powder hands and spend more hours than LeBron James in the gym. If you are new, thank you for the presence of a useful tutorial that has been counted on the collaboration of Mike Krzyzewski, aka Coach K, who was the coach of the United States until the recent Olympic Games in Rio, as well as coach of the University of Duke.

First of all, the novelty that most attracts attention is the new firing system, whose power bar is attached to a complete semicircle. It is not the case in recent years, when the indicator was to be halved. Now, you have to try to stop it just before it stops at the end of the 180 ° curve, and that also includes the trays, which are no longer exempt. If we nail it, the indicator will turn green and it will mean that the shot will enter with a 100% probability. A small correction factor has been added so that if you are one of those who arm the right joystick, you will have to aim well, so that the ball does not go to the left or right of the ring. The size of the indicator depends on the player’s wrist and the distance to the basket. In that sense, Driving Curry is a real wonder, because, this time yes, we can be seized by his spirit and nailing triples from almost midfield without blinking. And speaking of shots of three, the All-Star contest drinks from a very similar mechanic and is more natural than other years. The matte contest stays the same, with sequences of pushing buttons at the exact moment.

At the time of facing the ring, have also improved second chances. Now, it is possible to pat on the air or catch the rebound and clog the ball without having to previously pass through the ground. In the defensive aspect, the plugs are more visceral and credible. This is something we say every year, but it really is. Visual Concepts always finds some small edge to improve to get closer and closer to reality.

The handling of the ball has also been refreshed. It is easier to chain up, but it is also easier to commit offenses in attack. If we run like a chicken without a head, we will beat the opponent on duty and the referee will use the whistle ipso facto. As a counterpoint, the robbery system has been greatly improved and it is easier to swipe the ball from the hands to the rivals as well as to divert passes in the air. Of course, you have to stick your hand in the right moment or load it with foundation, otherwise, the staff will beep.

NBA 2K17 Review

The difficulty of the rivals can be configured between five levels: rookie, pro, all-star, superstar and Hall of Fame. Each team plays as it would in reality, so if we play against the Warriors, we will have to be very on top of Curry, so that we do not make a suit from infinity and beyond. Also, the rivals are aware of what the score is and if, for example, they lose by five or six points in the absence of a minute, they will seek triples and, in case of failure and take the rebound, they will return it to the perimeter to do Another attempt.

Making a game of the NBA 2K17, a unified license, has its advantages, because it is not the same to recreate a single league of thirty teams, each with a short template, to make a football game with hundreds of teams and thousands of players. Now, you have to stand up and applaud Visual Concepts’ encyclopedia work each season. Not only are all the historical statistics of each player or team included, but they are even coaches, assistant coaches, franchise owners or the commissioner. In addition, there are 45 classic teams from all over history, from the 60s to the present.

As usual, the Euroleague has also been included, and the study has promised that it will be more updated than in previous years, thanks to the change of format that has undergone the competition, although, for now, the update has not occurred that it Put everything up to date, which we imagine will arrive when the competition starts, in October. In fact, right now, he would squeak something that they are not very aware of in the United States, like the presence of Sergio Rodriguez in Real Madrid, although he has packed his bags to Philadelphia. Even so, it is an effort that is appreciated, and more in view of the egocentric culture of basketball in those homes, exemplified in the fact of naming ‘winners of the world’ to the winners of the ring. Apart from the sixteen Euroleague teams, There are five others from the EuroCup. Spain has a prominent representation, as are Real Madrid, Barça, Laboral Kutxa Vitoria, Unicaja Málaga and Valencia Basket.

There are also a couple of national teams. Specifically, they are the United States and Australia’s recent Olympic Games in Rio. To them, it is necessary to add the Dream Team of 1992, with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing and company, that is a downloadable content that, a priori, is included inside the box of the game. We would have liked that 2K had made an extra effort in this section and that would have included other selections, as the Spanish, because, in fact, would not have to create their players from scratch, since almost all come from Teams of the NBA 2K17 or the Euroleague. In fact, that of Australia has been included as a ‘prize’ for the loyalty there is there to the saga.

Special mention deserves the weekly program 2K TV, included within the game itself. In it, interviews are offered to players of the league, show catch sessions, talk with fans, show the best plays … This year, there are even interactive questions with four possible answers, so that if we get it, we get coins Virtual, which is appreciated. There is no other saga sport that has something similar. It is yet another example of the series playing in its own league, where no one can stand up to it.

Hopefully the watch will pay attention to the mythical Andrés Montes and there would be unlimited time to enjoy everything that NBA 2K17 cheats, because we are facing the vastest sports game with a lot of difference. The payroll of game modes is really overwhelming. There are no big news regarding other years, everything is said, but there are, and it is convenient to summarize everything that fits on a single disk.

For starters, we have the fastest and most direct modes, with friendly both offline and online, with the possibility of playing the same games that are every day in the official calendar of the league. There are also street pachangas, from one against one to five against five, either to full court or half court. In addition, it is possible to play a season or loose playoffs, although the true fans of the game will embrace other much more profound and enduring modalities: My GM and My Team.

The big jump came last year, so basically we have an update of what we already had, which was great and very good. Thus, league expansions can be made up to 36 teams and relocate the franchise in another city, for which you have to take into account the potential assistance of fans, the cost of the facilities or the approval of other owners. We can design our own flag, the equipment, the logo, the colors … Outside of the My GM mode, we can also create our own league and make online championships with our friends.

In My Computer , you have to create a team based on obtaining cards, either by removing them from random envelopes or by participating in bids. It is the formula of the FIFA Ultimate Team, but boosting the feeling of collecting, because there is an album where we can see everything we are collecting: players, pavilions, balls, historical equipment, team slates With the team we believe, we can Participate in Challenges, which recreate historical moments of the NBA; Domination, where we face all the teams in the league; League online, with nine divisions; And blacktop pachangas.

In this analysis of NBA 2K17 , you will have missed the magic syntagm ‘Mi Carrera’ . Well, the star mode of the saga returns with all the high, with a new history and new mechanics. Actually, if Visual Concepts wanted to, I could do a title based solely on this mode and people would still be happier than a partridge, because that’s what is most played by difference, and for good reason. No other saga can make you feel inside the professional sport as it achieves this.

Since the saga made the leap to PS4 and Xbox One, this cinematic mode has captivated everyone, each year with an argument redrawn from scratch and even with the voices of numerous players in the league. Last year, we were quite disenchanted with Livin ‘da Dream , the coarse cartoon that was taken from the Spike Lee manga, but Visual Concepts has been redeemed with another story that has a sports pedigree, as the script is by Aaron Covington and the actor Michael B. Jordan . In case you do not hear their names, it is the writer and the protagonist of Creed: The legend of Rocky , respectively.

Our alter ego, who nicknamed Mr. President or Pres to dry, begins at the University, where a reputation must be built, in order to obtain the highest possible position in the Draft. Once drafted, we will enter fully into the maelstrom of the league, but with a major newness over other years: soon, we will form a dynamic duo with another rookie team, Justice Young, played by the aforementioned Michael B. Jordan, who Will be a lawyer who will be crushed all day in the gym and with whom we will build a strong friendship.

Little by little, this link will make them call themselves ‘Juice Orange’, a rather ridiculous nickname that serves to exemplify one of the most outstanding novelties of My Career. Whenever we jump on the court, either as a substitute in the first games or as a title once consolidated, we will be accompanied in the quintet by Young, so that if we carry out some spectacular action with him, that particular zumito , That will allow to alternate the control between both.

Overall, the structure of Mi Carrera is much more appealing this year, something that is observed from minute 1, when Kobe Bryant and the Michael B. Jordan of flesh and blood give him entrance. The Lakers ex-player, who is the cover of the special edition, wants you to have a good career … but that does not get better than yours. The video scenes are well dosed and play different sticks, such as hazing or rumors of handover. There are very grateful news, as Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith interview us at the conclusion of a match, if we have been the MVP. The vacillations are secured. Of course, in many dialogues, there are two options for response.

NBA 2K17 Release

On this occasion, before starting, you do not just have to choose where you want to play. We also have to choose what archetype we want to incarnate, as a sniper, organizer or penetrator, for example, what determines the extent to which we can evolve each of the ten statistical parameters there are: triple, annotation from the post, agility, rebounds … From Similarly, height, weight, wingspan and shoulder width condition our virtues and our shortcomings. Therefore, you have to know very well what you want before you start, because then you can not change. In addition, it is no longer necessary to have Kinect or PS Camera to be able to scan the face and that the player is the closest thing to us. Just download a free app for the mobile and manage it through it.

The organization of the calendar is wider now, and there is much greater willingness to do things, beyond disputing parties. In particular, the approach to training and sponsorship has improved. On the one hand, there are individual, voluntary, and team training sessions, so whatever we do will contribute to our progression. In addition to exercises with the ball, there is a bodybuilding room with several mini-games, such as squats, jumps, skipping or bench press. On the other hand, in sponsorships, we have room to negotiate the number of advertising events that we are required to attend, as well as the payment. In addition to bestowing various rewards such as special sneakers, these sponsorships, some of which require exclusivity (you can not be with Under Armor and Adidas at the same time) Can earn us a good handful of virtual coins, which is greatly appreciated over other years. Of course, we warn that there are still micropayments that, by an eye of the face, can give more coins with which to improve the player, something that can be dangerous for the balance of online.

Off the pitch, the atmosphere has also been greatly improved. On the one hand, there is a message system to be in contact with other characters and even with players in the league, who will contact us to do things, which can be translated into interesting rewards. In addition, there is a social network in which we will see many comments that will be consistent with what is happening at that particular time of the season. In fact, if we do some spectacular action during a match, the camera will focus on the stand for a moment and maybe see what someone has just tweeted about.

Within the My Career mode, there are two online submodes in which we can make use of our alter ego. The first is My Park , with street courts in which to demonstrate our ability in fast pachangas against other players. The second is Pro-Am , where we can create a team with friends to play serious matches of five to five. The bad thing about these modes is that, for some reason, the control is not exactly the same as the other modes. The gameplay is similar, but with a rough and rough tone that does not just convince us, as it has repercussions on things like the management of the gauge.

To finish, the soundtrack has 50 tracks, which cover hip hop, pop and rock, fundamentally. In general, it is very good, although perhaps not as attractive as some of the deliveries of the last five years. For example, although this is subjective, the three themes of Imagine Dragons that are far from being among the best of his discography, which is striking, considering that he has chosen the group itself Las Vegas. Of course, rap, a genre very attached to the NBA and difficult to swallow for many, as a server, is very digestible on this occasion, with softer and melodic themes.

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