Navy Field

Navy Field

Navy Field Europe will open a second server at the end of July. Many events are organized to start the new server. In addition, further information on the participation in the GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship) was announced. In mid-July, a European league with final rounds will start at the Games Convention on 21.08.08 in Leipzig. The two best teams take part in the final in Korea, where there are $ 10,000 and many other prizes to be won.

Each team can also send a representative to participate in Korea. For more information, visit the official Navy Field Europe site. Furthermore, as on the 28th and 29th of June 2008, a “party weekend” is again held, with 30% on EXP, credits, points and veterans. At the end of July it is time for all fans. Until then, the developers want to publish a new patch, which is a lot of suggestions from the players. The submarines expected by players are only available in the September patch.

Prepare yourself for violent naval battles with dozens of participants! Navyfield 2 is the right strategy and not the thickest battleship. In the real-time strategy game, Navyfield 2, you take the role of a captain and give you intense battles in the open sea. You have the command, and you are responsible for not setting your ship as a wreck on the seabed. The single player mode takes you through several campaigns where you can play important events of the naval history. In PvP mode, true battles between two parties await you: on cards for up to 64 players, you can prove what you’ve got. Control, ammunition and distance, fire and conquer – you alone decide what happens on the deck. To avoid losing sight in the heat of the battle, Navyfield 2 provides you with an impressive graphical richness and pivotable perspective.

A whole armada of historically inspired ships will be at your disposal during your career. Hundreds of models, largely from the First and Second World Wars, are part of Navy Field 2. You only have to decide for the Prussian Navy, and you are already dripping with water through advanced submarine technology. In return, the radar technology of the United States is widely known for its rapid reconnaissance. Depending on which of the five nations you are currently fighting for, you are preparing a fleet of cruisers, frigates and aircraft carriers. You can expand and develop every ship as you wish, by assembling armaments, machines and torpedo boats, for example.

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