Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

Everyone knows these games. At first small insider tips, objects harmless ” Have you ever seen this before? Discussions at the coffee machine, then the theme of a PewDiePie-Let’s Play, suddenly mass phenomena. After all, everyone knows them, everyone plays them, everyone loves them everyone but himself. Minecraft showed me this phenomenon like no other game in the past few years and now DragonQuest Builders shows me why I was not receptive to it.

Can not be so bad when Wikipedia lists a separate entry with free-riders. Between red quarters and oppressive shareholder meetings, the financial risk is always such a thing and the Minecraft model is a very attractive one. Hardly any other concept has been copied more often since 2011 for a good reason. Very manageable development costs and a potential target group in double-digit millions are roughly what is commonly referred to in the specialist language as “shitty”.

Now it has its reasons and even a lot of it that except for Terraria there are very few exceptions to the rule, which predicts all these clones misbehavior and internet-wide disinterest. Nevertheless, these games have a common cut, so to say the smallest common denominator of failure: they have nothing to add to the original formula. Instead of expanding Mojang’s two-billion-dollar idea, whose fans with new elements to the over-the-box-looking to animate, is only screwed to a few insignificant variables. Half-cross crossover ideas may suffice for mayflies and an encouraging shoulder knock, but not for long-term success.

Despite the promising prospects for success, the odds of jackpot crackers, as is so often the case in life, are negligible. And although in view of the sumptuous profit margin it would be just to find the one or other well-known studio behind such block production, there is nothing. To this extent, Dragon Quest Builders is an exceptional release in two respects. It is not only the perhaps most clever attempt to take Minecraft as an example, but it is also the only one who does not have to finance collective rush bag pages behind a million-dollar publisher.

With the following, Minecraft has already been mentioned four times in this text, and although the unspeak of my profession is to explain a game by comparison of another, almost borders with labor refusal, and I will henceforth guard against unduly burdening it, no one did Walk past it. Not in a game that everything else would also be very negligently never makes a secret from his model, but it is self-confident.

The fact that Square Enix is so easy to do is less due to the low popularity of the Swedish original in the Dragon Quest home country of Japan. Rather Builders can take with a carefree smile to megahit reference because it its qualities not blindly copied, but should merely be to them oriented.

We are not dealing here with any inordinate “after me the deluge” sandbox without any sense of frugality. This is the first realization if after three and a half textboxes you have breakfasted the substantive reasoning for sinking the next 20, 30, 50 hours in the jagged Alefgard when you hesitantly put one foot in front of the other and take up your task, this Voxel realm As a “legendary builder”. Where other games with an indifferent shoulder twitch you throw into their realm, leave your heroes to themselves and the help of the Internet, you always feel a gentle grip in the neck here. None of the ” Gib mal her, I’ll do it for you ” type, as one would normally expect from a JRPG.

In this case, of course, this is one thing with genre affiliation. Builders feels committed to various camps but uses, and this is not really a small surprise, its wonderfully skewed Dragon Quest universe for more than a few ” Ah, I know that! “Recognition moments. The battles as probably the obvious most obvious feature are ironically not necessarily the greatest advantage on the prosperous Habenseite. Above all, many prominent, but annoying monsters, which sends her with the reach of a toothpick, neat buttonmashing and a little feeling for timing and range in the dozen over the Jordan. This and I use this term here really only in the broadest sense “combat system” would always be practical.

However, Dragon Quest Builders is incredibly elegant in pushing you carefully in the right direction, but without taking you out of your hand, and uses its rolling game roots to accomplish this. When you have removed the first layers of earth with your bare hands, and then reassembled them into a small little room, because you have asked a sympathetic girl, you have followed the subtly coherent thread and still feel completely right The success to their own lapel. Subliminally subliminally, Builders combines new mechanics, new tools and blocks with small quests and concerns of your roommates who settle in your village the bigger it gets. You can be drunk and you will never get off the road, Plays simply drauflos and always further. Suddenly it is three o’clock in the morning and you have been sitting at the console for six hours. This is the next realization.

A few others will follow, most of them hardly less pleasing. As soon as you have forged a mighty sword from your initial cane, your squat Chibi body will be protected from enemy attacks by an impressive steel armor and no hoof, and you begin to embellish your stable wall with Burgzins, in short: once you get your job A few hours have successfully passed through, you slowly recognize another proof of the elegance of DQB. For anyone who does not blindly push through the prairie and leave everything left, will hardly ever have to turn additional rounds to farm this damn resource.

It is not worth it anyway, because a bit too willing to let you run into the open knife. In any case, I did not look badly when the first interlude came down and I was congratulated on the conclusion of the first chapter. Congratulations, this village can now provide itself, you are needed elsewhere, have fun and reingehauen. With a fingertip the so ardently pulled up settlement is gone and with it everything you have collected. However, you will be left with more than a handful of beautiful memories: blueprints and other manuals are the leap into the new world, where you have to lift the next ruin from the foundation to the autonomy, but never the same program as before. The various chapters usually follow a rough motto; Embedded in a discreet rolling-play ambiente, you are about to fight a rambling disease in the second section and learn a lot about the brewing of potions, the care of patients and the construction of sick-rooms. Bundled knowledge, with which you can let off in the endless game (which after the conclusion of the first chapter is released) until the St.Nollernstag.

Nevertheless, you should not play with one hand in the chip pack, because there is nothing to give away, and even if the developers always help the hand, they take you, we had the topic already, never the real work. There is no practical “Where to Find Material XY” reference book; You have to march through this droll world even with your eyes open, just stuff a few extra voxels into the inventory when you are just wandering through a new area, and you can roughly remember what you find.

It is a dangerous tightrope walk, but Squares developers even complete them with their hands behind their backs, because their interpretation of an alternative Minecraft game is also to throw unnecessary ballast overboard. Builders does not overload you with various resources in three-digit height, does not allow you to build up hundreds of meters, is significantly reduced and therefore more unequally focussed than is common for games of this type. Anyone who has been working on the PC space ship Enterprise on a 1: 1 scale for the last five years will be able to strike their hands over their heads at the latest, and this is not even wrong, but this is the jumping point: Had Square Enix with an overly complex Voxel catalog penetrated into similar dimensions, we would “just play another Minecraft clone” and really nobody can want that. In this reduction lies Dragon’s quests greatest strength lies. It is one of many.

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