nba live mobile

NBA Live Mobile is more complex than it may seem at first glance, and despite being a mobile game we have many complex moves at our disposal to get the most out of our players. These are the most important ones we have found: Rotating movement The spinning movement is done by pressing the Penetration button twice as we move forward or backward. We can make the turn more quickly if we do it at the exact moment to dodge the defense, opening for example the possibility of a mid-distance shot if we hit the Shooting button immediately. Pass between the legs To make this move, press the Penetration button once when we are standing and cross the ball between[…]

free up memory on Android

We had already drawn up some time ago a series of Essays Tips and tricks to free up memory on Android, increase storage space and thus be able to install new apps and games without necessarily being forced to change their smartphone. However, the evolution of technology and the introduction of new enhancement mode memory on Android prompt us to formulate a new and more updated series of essays tips. 1. Uninstall the app less frequently used It can happen, especially its most active users, the weekly install a large number of apps and games from the Play Store, which then are rarely used and often end up being left in the remotest of internal memory banks to take up[…]