free up memory on Android

We had already drawn up some time ago a series of Essays Tips and tricks to free up memory on Android, increase storage space and thus be able to install new apps and games without necessarily being forced to change their smartphone. However, the evolution of technology and the introduction of new enhancement mode memory on Android prompt us to formulate a new and more updated series of essays tips. 1. Uninstall the app less frequently used It can happen, especially its most active users, the weekly install a large number of apps and games from the Play Store, which then are rarely used and often end up being left in the remotest of internal memory banks to take up[…]

Toy Blast For Android

Toy Blast for Android is a colorful game 3 game with playful graphics and energetic action. This features child-friendly mechanics and some lively power-ups that make the game more energetic and inviting. Toy Blast displays in portrait mode to deliver a proven and match-3 game environment, with differently shaped grids, filled with differently colored square blocks. Each block has a unique shape etched on its face, including, half-moon, circles, squares, hexes, and stars. Typical to match 3 game you are trying to find groups of 3 or more, but rather than glide and swiping to make matches, you are literally finding existing matches on the screen, then tap them to burst all the connecting blocks And disappear. There are no[…]

war robots

If gigantic war machines trudge over the battlefield and get rid of each other with missile and machine gun bursts, one does not want to stand in the way. In Walking War Robots you are right in the middle. As in the classics of the MechWarrior series, they set themselves on the wheel of a battle robot and can then fight for the supremacy on the battlefield in 6-man teams. Visually, the battles make a lot of things. The fighters are impressively designed and can be equipped with thick wags. When a group of Mechs collide and take each other into the fire, this is really worth seeing. Just as you would expect. At all events, the landscape, which is[…]

Dragon Quest Builders

Everyone knows these games. At first small insider tips, objects harmless ” Have you ever seen this before? Discussions at the coffee machine, then the theme of a PewDiePie-Let’s Play, suddenly mass phenomena. After all, everyone knows them, everyone plays them, everyone loves them everyone but himself. Minecraft showed me this phenomenon like no other game in the past few years and now DragonQuest Builders shows me why I was not receptive to it. Can not be so bad when Wikipedia lists a separate entry with free-riders. Between red quarters and oppressive shareholder meetings, the financial risk is always such a thing and the Minecraft model is a very attractive one. Hardly any other concept has been copied more often[…]

The Legend of Zelda

If you are Zelda veterans with experience in Windwaker and Twilight Princess, you already know the sprawlingly large dimensions of the magical Kingdom of Hyrule. Size is thus not a criterion with which Breath of the Wild could open a new chapter. Nevertheless, the world in which the Jungle Link is playing this time is so much bigger, so much more lively and so incredibly much more complex than what one knows about this series. Interesting for fans: The announcement trailer for ” Zelda Wii U ” (the original work title of Breath of the Wild). What has changed since then, what has improved? No, it’s not just about sheer space, the square meters of the upper world, or the[…]

Navy Field

Navy Field Europe will open a second server at the end of July. Many events are organized to start the new server. In addition, further information on the participation in the GNGWC (Game & Game World Championship) was announced. In mid-July, a European league with final rounds will start at the Games Convention on 21.08.08 in Leipzig. The two best teams take part in the final in Korea, where there are $ 10,000 and many other prizes to be won. Each team can also send a representative to participate in Korea. For more information, visit the official Navy Field Europe site. Furthermore, as on the 28th and 29th of June 2008, a “party weekend” is again held, with 30% on[…]